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Coral Live Chat

Coral Live Chat is available for the following hours:

24 hours a day – 7 days a week

Coral Live Chat

Coral Live Chat is manned around the clock by experienced customer service professionals who are waiting to help and support you.  They will answer your questions, queries, or concerns on anything. Including, Betting and promotion questions,  Account and Banking queries, login and registration problems, and finally, responsible gambling. The web chat can be found in the middle of the page once you follow the link below.

To connect to a human, follow the link below and select your query (or just a random query), where you will be presented with an article. Scroll down to the bottom of the article and find the segment that says “Do you need any more help”:

coral chat

Press “Yes” and will be redirected to a page where you can contact them via different methods.

You will be initially be connected to a chatbot. Ask the chatbot to “speak to a human” and you will be asked for your name and contact information before getting connected to an agent.

coral live chat

To access the Coral Live Chat click on the flashing icon below

Coral live chat

How To Contact Coral Customer Service?

You can contact the Coral Customer Service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

You can alternatively get help by sending them a message on Twitter at


  1. Malcolm Taylor

    I had a Lucky 15 bet this afternoon (December 23) and had one winner at 11/4. Why did I only get paid out on 11/4 rather than 11/2 as should be the case with a Lucky 15 bet?

  2. Ron blyde

    Is coral first past the post, if so how does backing 1st and 2nd, as back winner but then got DQ and the 2nd promoted to 1st which l also backed so do l get paid out on both or just the winner

  3. raymondmooney

    Having read all the previous email complaints and not having a reply to my email I think it is time to contact the chief executive and, failing that, the Mail on Sunday has a special page for bringing to the public’s attention companies who appear to be underserving their cutomers or perhaps even defrauding them

  4. Raymond Mooney

    Dear Customer Services
    I called into my local shop in Earls Court to use my card to place a bet and was told that we cannot use the card to place a bet and that this practice has stopped. I have about £15 in my account. How can I have this refunded?

  5. joris bonson

    NONE of this is even based in reality its copied n pasted
    1 theres no live chat UNLESS you use an app
    2 live chat on laptop is now a search bar WITH ZERO RESULTS
    3 the ONLY way to contact them is via twitter messages

    • Live Chat Admin

      Hello Joris,

      We’re sorry that you didn’t find this page helpful. The live chat does exist but there are some steps you need to take to be able to chat with someone. I just added an extra screenshot and a bit more explanation to help you get through.

      Let me know if it helps.

      LiveChatDirectory Team

  6. Paul Evans

    Seriously it is so difficult to live chat about betting bundles because the chat puts you through to a technician and all I want is some help w,it’s a betting bundle. Is that too much to ask?

  7. Piar Uddin

    Hello yesterday I went to coral betting shop and I was playing with timer set time 10 mins the shop keeper said to m I can’t do this ??? Can someone do something about it or I will take action ok it’s in E14 in pennyfilde Poplar ok check the CCTV please time is between 16:00 to 22:00 plus he didn’t give me my money saying it’s close after 21:30

  8. Andrew Bramwell

    Tried placing a small (£1) bet, having not used any bookmaker accounts for several years.
    But despite apparently having a balance of £64.69, I was unable to place the bet, and got a message reading “Maximum bet £0.00”.
    Please advise!

  9. Joan Struthers

    i placed a bet on the irish lottery at my local coral bookies.
    3 numbers on the 6 ball selection, as usual.
    The numbers won on Sat 23/04.
    As looked for my ticket only two of the numbers were printed on the betting slip even though i had clearly marked the slip for 3.
    What can happen

  10. elliot watkins

    Verify my account that said no worry’s I said 1 only prob I had brand new mobile stolen with email I set account up with I sent pic I’d bank card picture I’d with license pic next to face all time sending emails back and four that no I’m Elliot…… THEN SORRY WE CANT DEAL WITH YOU WE CANT LET OUT ANY INFORMATION WITH OUT EMAIL ADDRESS U SET UP WITH !!!!!!!!!! ….. WITCH I ASKED ON 1ST EMAIL TO CHANGE. 14 EMAILS . Waste of time and £100 ov my money since 10tf Feb

  11. James Samuels

    I coral bookies in small heath converty road is not playing games fair n am not please at all from since June I haven’t got win with them anymore

  12. John Fulton

    I should have got two free bets of £5 as my horse was beaten under a length.
    I got one back but not the other. The bet was,

    Two £5 wins on invincibly in the 13/40 at Ayr on the 13th September

  13. John Fulton

    The bet was if you’re horse is beaten by one length or less you got a free bet up to £10.
    I put two £5 bets on the same horse which was beaten under a length I got a free bet for one but not the other which I should have got.

    • Richard blyth

      I am trying to cash out on £28 or so on one of my bets and it wont let me because its saying there is a price change, that is a rip off as why your doing that I’m losing money , I am not happy and will not be using you again

  14. colin eley

    How can i get my account balance which is £160 returned to my bank account as i cannot get to use any of it on my phone betting account, and had no
    up date as to when it will be up and running, please reply as i do think we should have some kind of up date by now thank you.

  15. Eamon Barry

    Hi all I haven’t been able to phone through any bets on my telephone betting.

    I am well into the black and can’t get hold of anyone from coral telephone lines for obvious reasons.

    How do I make contact and resume my betting or get my winnings returned to my bank account.

    Eamonn Barry

    • Richard blyth

      I am very dissatisfied how am I suppose to cash out if it keeps saying its changing and wont allow me, what a CON … YOUVE COST ME AT LEAST £29 THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME, YOUR RIPPING PEOPLE OFF

  16. Karen Eaton

    Hi I have had a a email saying you tried contacting me yesterday as I have won the BBQ I have tried calling you back as you have requested and I have tried to contact you on live chat but unable to do so please can you get back to me ASAP regarding this

  17. Eddie Pullan

    I placed a £5 treble on the 20.38 at Sunderland 4/5 the 2043 at Central Park 7/4 and the 20.46 at Nottingham 5/4 all 3 won but you only paid me 32.48 in stead of 55.68 on the 24th of July 2020 the bet number is 0/12796973/0010725

  18. Darren innes

    Hi there I have been paid short on a bet by 22 pound it states best price guaranteed on all uk and Irish horse racing could you look into this for me please I placed an 8 pound bet on at 100/30 and it won 6/1 that means I would get 56 pound back and only got 34 pound odd back

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