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Accessorize Live Chat | Customer Service

Accessorize Live Chat is available for the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 20:00, Saturday 09.00 -18.00 and Sunday: 09.00 -14.00

The Accessorize Live Chat Customer Service Team are a lovely bunch of people and here to help with all things Accessorize for Their customers. When talking to the Customer Services team on the free web chat. please provide them with as much information as possible regarding your query, including any order number you may have, or any product information (name or code). This will allow them to assist you quickly. The web chat button can be found at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

To access the Free Accessorize Live Chat click on the image below

Accessorize live chat

How To Contact Accessorize Customer Service?

You can contact the Accessorize Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.


  1. Jo Cottle

    Hi I brought sunglasses from your shop in Gatwick 12th October and the arm came off after 4 days I don’t remember receiving a receipt but I paid by card so I have the bank transaction, is this proof of purchase and I would just like to replace the sunglasses

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