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Yours Clothing Live Chat

Yours Clothing Live Chat is Open for the Following Hours:

24 hours a day – Seven days a week

Yours Clothing Live Chat

How to Contact Yours Clothing Live Chat

As Yours Clothing has a great mobile app so a majority of its customers may prefer to contact their support team via its app. For contact through the app, log in to your app and go to the menu bar and locate the contact option. Once you click it, you can contact the retailer’s customer support team.

To contact the support team on their website, visit the about us page of the website and you will find the contact us option at bottom of the page. Click this tab and instantly land on another page, where you can contact the team by filling the form with the required details and sending it to them via email. At present, Yours Clothing has no Live Chat facility.

For contacting Yours Clothing team, click on the following link.

Yours Clothing Live Chat


  1. Ann

    Absolutely awful to get a response ibe sent 2 emails tried to use live chat and no telephone contact number really poor after sales service

  2. Victoria Green

    I have messaged a few times now had a £30 gift card I used on line and £11.99 on my card one shirt out of stock the other two shirts took back to store I want to know if the gift card comes to my address please my billing address lost one gift card already what went to my old address

  3. Victoria Green

    Can someone please see if my gift card is going to the address I live in now not my old address still waiting for a answer want to ring customer service but too much money a minute thanks

  4. Victoria Green

    Please could you help bought some clothes on line with gift card and money 3 shirts one was out of stock the other two took back to the shop need my billing house checked not sent my to old address

  5. Helen crespi

    I ve tried 50 times to get my ticket to return an item and it won t let me it says no order is there and my details are uncorrect. What can i do?YE101-1546-6143

  6. Denise Barkham

    I recently ordered a swimsuit and paid £6.99 for next day delivery. I received a text from Yodel to say it had been delivered (it hasnt). I have been onto Yodel this morning who are trying to find out what the driver has done with the parcel. In the meantime, I would like to have the £6.99 refunded. Are you able to help with this?
    Thank you
    Denise Barham

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