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William Hill Live Chat | Customer Service

The William Hill Live Chat is available for the following hours:

24 hours a day – 7 days a week

William Hill Live Chat

The friendly customer service team at William Hill Live chat is available to help and support you on any subject. Including, queries or questions relating to your account, banking and financial information, offers and promotions, Age verification, and any concerns or complaints that you have. Webchat is becoming the go-to way to communicate with customers, and the agents can answer any question you would normally make to a call center.

To launch the free web chat, simply select the category that your query relates to, and you will be directed to the next available William Hill agent.

To access the Free William Hill Live Chat click on the image below

william hill live chat

How To Contact William Hill Customer Service?

You can contact the William Hill Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

William Hill Contact Number: 0870 518 1715


  1. james carrigan

    i have e mailed you before about my account jamesypa75lj at least you could have the decency to reply
    there is 3 hundred pounds in my account that i cant get into i have live chat and the telephone if you
    are interested my telephone no is 0******14 jamesypa75lj please reply

  2. roger wrong

    hi this is mr roger and ive been a customer at hills for 28yrs in tamworth staffs theres something thats upset me when an employer of yours has been there 4yrs and they get promoted to acting manager at the shop who gambles sleeps with the staff and gets promoted when someone that has been there 8yrs who doesn t gamble and his such a responcible person doesn t get the job also the person in question owes money to punters do you think its outragerous and disusgting i myself is planning a protest outside the tamworth brach due to this business has also womens rites the way the new manager is treating is staff also punters also he doesnt like people who win he told me so so why his he got promotion it is confusing a lot of punters which are deciding to go ohter bookmakers im hoping you follow up this complaint has it needs to be resolved thankyou

  3. Arron

    I purchased a ticket yesterday for the France and England match. I put a bet on in the bookies it says on the bookies on my docket double chance 90 minutes home or away. I’ve put £50 on it for 21 France, won to one, and now there is something wrong with the docket

  4. Barry hatton

    I’m a disabled person handicapped and can’t wark Fare iv been trying to open an account with William hills for betting on line can you assist ? !

  5. Kent D Anderson

    I made bet on Genesis Tournament a matchplay Bubba Watson to beat Varner and he did two bets didn’t pay. # F41c-FB5B-823e and Rrobin # FC1C-FBDF-823E. Could you please correct this thank you

    • Paul magee

      I tried to get you to block me, pouring my heart out about my problem and I can’t believe it,you try and get my new credit card details off me,if I was starving I wouldn’t work for these bottom feeding scum who prey of the vulnerable,young children ,mam’s and dad’s destroyed because of yous. Worse than Drug dealing

  6. Joseph John McElhinney

    opened new account was supposed to get 30 pound free bets did not get as they said i had to open account on phone instead of laptop been customer for over 20 years wanted driving licence passport to prove i was over 18 tried to close account and get my money phone no dont exist now disgusted absolute cowboys would not reccomend anybody to join them go elsewhere

  7. D.paterson

    where has the funds in my account gone? .I know for a fact there is £ 260 pounds in it . REF.2000612-006016. Can`t open my account as your asking me to put more money into my account .

    • Dan

      Hi, did you ever get this resolved as this is what has happened to me but i cannot speak to anyone online as apparently there are no advisors.

  8. D Tennant

    I have been over 2 hours on live chat waiting on someone talking.
    Your service is second rate and a disgrace .
    I am thinking of cancelling acciunt

  9. Collin

    i had the 1st 5 finishers on the grand national with £25 each way bets, winning in excess of £4k the 1st 2bets came to £1908 william hill say i only won £405 in total, but thats £1908 plus the other 3 winning bets. its now mid may and i have still not been paid. IBAS have turned out to be less than useless powerless after contacting them time and again, sending emails as requested to IBAS with nothing being done. useless conning william hill,their directors need a damn good hiding!

  10. Kevin mcdonald

    I have recentl put cashed out of 2 bets on my William hill account. When I have been into the bookmakers 2 claim my winnings they in formed me that the money has been transferred in2 my online account which I cannot get get access 2. Could you help me in accessing my account and claiming my winnings please.

  11. John Wilson

    Worst company going for bets been betting for 18 month on there site and the most important day that block my account saying need more id so I send it then that need more williamhill is a scam site and when lockdown finished i will be going elsewhere hope ya close down you scammers

  12. John adams

    I put a horse on yesterday it won the race it was placed second after a steward enquire you pay first past the post but you payed me for a second £8.87 you should off payed me £60 I’ve checked the rules

  13. Stephen Ruddock

    I placed a bet online, it was a straight forecast on the 20.59 race at Laurel Park tonight.
    The forecast came in and I haven’t been paid, iv checked my bet, and yes the s/fc came up, can you help?

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