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WeFix Live Chat & Email Address

WeFix Live Chat is Open for the Following Hours:

From Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, unavailable during weekends and public holidays

wefix live chat

You can use the WeFix Live chat to get quotes for a repair or get online advice. In order to initiate a live chat, follow the link below and look for a live chat button at the bottom right side of the screen. The button will only be available during their working hours.

For accessing WeFix live chat, click the link below.

wefix live chat

How to Contact WeFix Customer Service?

WeFix customer service in the UK works through live chat and email and phone. The fastest way to get in touch with an agent is through initiating a live chat. If you prefer emails, send an email to their email address:

You will receive a reply within 2 working days.

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