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Shein Live Chat | Customer Service

Shein Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

9am to 10pm, 7 days a week


SHEIN Live chat support is an amazing way for customers to contact the company within no time. As the telephone service and email replies take too much time to wait for.
The Live Chat support has trained advisors who help customers with their inquiries. They also offer great help and provide all the information which the customers require.

The live chat feature is available in the middle of the ‘contact us’ page on the left-hand side. When you click on the Live Chat button. You will be redirected to start a conversation with an advisor of the support team.

To access the SHEIN Live chat you can click on the image below

SHEIN live chat

Shein Customer Service

You can contact Shein via live chat and online tickets (email). Live chat is the fastest contact method as the queue times are less than 2 minutes. Email tickets will take up to 24 hours to be responded to.

To connect to them via Facebook messenger, open this link:

Alternatively, you can send them an email at:


  1. Paul Turner

    I’m not happy that I can’t return my goods because there’s no trace of my previous orders I need to send them back ASAP how else can I do this please if you ignore my message I will cancel my new order and never use shein again I paid by klarna and have reported this to them too

    • Amy cobb

      Yes in I haven’t received mines yet I ordered it 08/23/2023 they saying it’s been delivered no no no no no this bad for business they sent my other order to someone else house good thing they knew me they brought it to me the last order I haven’t received anything so I’m very 😡😡😡

  2. jose azor

    hello, I have a complaint against this order, what I have received does not match what I ordered, it is in poor condition.
    GSUNYG43C00NR3C this order numer

  3. Ceri Alm

    I’d like someone to contact me regarding a missing parcel
    Have tryed my best to resolve this on your app with no joy what so ever

  4. holly dalton

    i ordered a tracksuit from you and it came everything about it is fine apart from the color, the top and the joggers are two different shades of purple? it makes it look tacky.

  5. Chris Harris

    Hi I ordered 5 dresses 1 dress was split parcel I got the four dresses can you tell me I will have the split one H*******45 this is the number I want to send the items back but it won’t let me untill I have the dress not happy it says the dress is validated not missing I love shopping with shein but if this don’t get sorted I will have to take it further.

  6. Helen prevett

    I order some things on the 25th November but I’m still waiting for them. The tracking has not been updated since 5th dec. Iv tried tracking it but your robotic is no help at all. So can some please tell me what is happening.

  7. Heather Mintrim

    Well today i received a parcel with was sold as one item SHEIN Girls Tie Dye High Low Hem Hoodie & Cami Dress
    SKU: sk21xxxxxx516 but the cami was missing and i cant find a live chat or customer number Grrrrr

  8. Angela Harry

    I ordered two of an item, in error, but there is no scope for explaining this on your return form, and I had to use an entirely unsuitable reason as the only means of generating the return. Aside from my error here, there are surely other times when an item is mistakenly ordered – people WILL make mistakes – so why not accommodate them? Secondly I have an increasing number of items listed on my wish list, a number of which I have bought, and others which I no longer wish to purchase, but I can find no means of deleting them. How can I accomplish this, and why is there no advice on this subject on your site?

  9. Angie Karagianni

    I have ordered some things from 25th of April but I havent received my parcel. My tracking number is 61393002218.Where is my parcel? It is unbelievable.Can you help me?

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