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OVO Energy Live Chat

OVO Energy Live Chat is Open for the Following Hours:

From 8am to 6pm, 8am to 2pm from Monday to Friday
Unavailable on weekends and bank holidays

OVO Energy Live Chat

Besides its energy products and related services, OVO Energy has also an amazing live call facility on its website. This live call service enables the customers to contact the helpful and supportive team of the energy company for resolving their queries instantly.

How to Contact OVO Energy Live Chat

To initiate a live chat, follow the link below, and scroll down to the middle of the page where you will see the chat segment. Click on “message us” and you will be redirected to the first agent.

Alternatively, you can submit your issues here:

utility warehouse Live Chat

If the live chat is not available, you can contact them by using the OVO email address instead.

OVO Customer Service

You can contact the OVO Energy Customer service team via email and phone and live chat. The phone number is available from 9am to 5pm on weekdays only. The emails will take between 2 to 3 days to receive a reply.

OVO Contact Number: 0330 303 5063


  1. Mrs MMMay

    I can identify with all the comments above ovo is nothing more than crooks ripping off people I myself are owed money by them and trying to get to speak to someone if your lucky the phone keeps cutting out
    They are not interested I think the government should step in and put a stop to them because what they are doing is surely illegal

  2. Jakob

    Impossible to hold a conversation, cuts out constantly, that’s 5 calls so far this morning and every one has cut out. Chat bot doesn’t work at all. Credit on meter just swallowed up!

  3. Dorothy Thomas

    I was informed that SSE were migrating my electricity over OVO i had approx £900 on my smart meter they cleared this off i was so annoyed also i had no electricity at all i had to phone my brother on their phone as i had no landline phone i am disabled and suffer with anxiety i contacted the council emergencies they called and said the reason i had no power was that the meter had no credit i said there was hundreds of pounds on the meter anyway he managed to get the power on by pressing a button which gave me an emergency amount of £15.00 i contacted SSE they did not want to know they advised me to ring OVO which i did and they said it would be all sorted very soon that was 4 weeks ago still no joy why take all my money off the meter in the first as it belonged to me should have been left alone what they have done is surely illegal treating disabled and vunurable in this way what a terrible service can anyone help i would be most gratefull

  4. Andrew McMillan

    Received two letters from OVO claiming my meter is no longer ‘certified’ and that a new meter is required i.e. ‘A Smart Meter’. The rules are that OVO have to prove the current meter is not working and how before a customer has to accept a new smart meter.

    I have tried accessing the ‘Smart Meter’ contact web address and the reply is ‘ No Engineers Available’ and that I will be contacted if and when they are.

  5. Derek Ludlow

    They are the most god awful business I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Taking nearly £400 per month from my account, and over charging! They say they will call you and NEVER do! AWFUL company! Absolutely awful!

  6. Stuart nelson

    Hi I need help. my £67 payment still hasn’t been put on my meter im DISABLED I’ve phoned TWICE & was told by the 12th it be put on my Meter if not a £67 voucher would arrive by post on the 12th & ITS STILL NOT here. Now please I need this its a GOVERNMENT PRIORITY & you must BY LAW give me this payment. I also have PTSD and Anxiety plus OCD so please I need this sorted today I was told by OVO BOOST CHAT that a £67 voucher was posted & I’ve a smart meter so it can be put on by a push of a button its the law you have too. Everyone i no has had it & I’m the disabled one out them all but had nothing yet ?? so please award me the payment or give me some information of this voucher OR cancel the voucher thats posted & ile bin it cause I struggle to walk to shops especially in this icey weather..!! I’ve a spinal disability & mental issue so please help me. Thx

  7. Stuart nelson

    I’m disabled with a spinal disease & I’ve mental health issues like PTSD and anxiety + OCD I haven’t had my £67 payment & I need it I’ve had No voucher I was told would arrive on the 12th if not the payment would ne put on my account now I need help I’m panacking it’s making my mental health make he so iLL

  8. Sean

    That’s because OVO are a load of crooks out to scam you for as much as they can get without offering any support. I have tried to challenge my monthly DD price rises that have always been far above what I am spending on fuel. SSE were great, these guys are scum. I might be nicer if I could actually TALK to someone.

  9. caroline

    Ovo keep putting my monthly payments up almost on a daily basis – but there is no facility for me to discuss this. When I call there is no option to talk to anyone if you are not considered vulnerable. I know their figures are wrong and I need to discuss this with them – before they put the figure up arbitrarily yet again – but cannot find a way to talk to someone about it. Terrible service

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