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Onestream Live Chat

Onestream Live Chat is Open for the Following Hours:

Monday to Saturday: from 8:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Sunday: Closed

To contact the Onestream live chat, click on the image below

Onestream live chat

If the live chat button is inactive, it means none of the agents are available.

Onestream Customer Service

You can contact the Onestream Customer service team via email, and live chat. The live chat can be used for a faster turnaround time and has less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

Onestream contact number: 0333 241 4449

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  1. Jeremy Sage

    Having cancelled my Onestream service to end on 31st October. I have now twice been charged £52.45, once for November, after complaining I got £20 refunded and now again I have been charged a further £52.45 (on 30/11/2023) for December and despite a recent phone call in which I was promised a refund I have still not received the promised refund

    Awful Service

  2. Ajay Sahu

    Dear Onestream team.
    I had a broadband connection with onesteram which i stopped after calling two months ago.Still i have received this email from noreply email about auto-renewal of the subscription by 5th Novemeber.I have been on phone for last 45 minutes trying to contact someone that please do not take this money as the connection has been stopped without any success.My online login details are not working probably because my account has been stopped but why my card/bank details have been kept on the system, when i have already cancelled my connection.Please do not auto-renew this and delete all my details and stop all connection/renewal.

  3. d amos

    agree with all the above just a scamming company
    I also have tried chat(never on). email(never monitored). call by phone (never answered), never received router(returned by YODEL to sender), NEVER received invoices. NEVER received activation mail.
    DID NOT ask for MCAFEE (I have app for other)
    asking for 78 plus pounds for no services,
    told that they will closed my service at mid night on 13th (never happened) now trying for monday to do the same
    rubbish service from rubbish company. NO customer service
    I canceled direct debit they did not even ask why

  4. hattie

    EXACTLY THE SAME, promised 22.29 a month, not had 56.36 taken out my account which has crept up every month! fucking vile people

  5. Saroj Cesar

    Onestream is really thieves. They promised £22.99 monthly then takes fouble money out of my account. I tried to contact them but you can stay on the phone for ages and then the line gets disconnected automatically. You email them thousands of time and no response from them. I’m going to make a complaint now because enough is enough, it’s the worst company i have ever been with. It seems that they don’t have any staff working for them as nobody answer the phone. I want my money to be refunded to me ASAP.

  6. John Stephenson

    Theives taking double money out of my account every month to what i signed up for From £24 to £42 with out any notice or corrispondace theiving c****s

  7. Peter Cottell

    user – OS*****9
    You have just taken £59.95 from my bank account without my permission for Kapersky protection which I did not ask for, nor do I need it as I already have protection.
    Refund me immediately, reply immediately.
    I have pressed the control button which cancels the extra subscription 2 days ago. Nothing has happened.


    Mr P Cottell

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