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Metropolitan Police Live Chat

The Metropolitan Police Live Chat is Available during the following hours:

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Metropolitan police live chat

The team of specialist advisors at The Metropolitan Police Live Chat are on hand to answer any general enquiries you have.

This service not to be used for emergency purposes – if you do have an emergency, please call 999

The team of customer service advisors can answer queries or concerns on these areas.  A crime that has already been reported, a matter involving a vehicle or a vehicle incident, contacting a member of the team, or to pass on thanks and compliments to a particular member of staff.

The Free web chat can be found at the bottom right hand corner of the screen

To speak to an advisor on the Free Metropolitan Police Live Chat, Click on the link below 

Metropolitan police live chat




  1. Alan George Moore

    hi i need to know if a particular officer is actually a real police officer or not . I have been contacted by the fraud squad over identity theft and i am not convinced that it is 100% correct . His name is Christopher Lunt .
    I do not wish to know any information apart from the fact this gentleman is indeed a police officer within the met and assigned to the fraud squad.

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