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Garena Live Chat

Garena doesn’t have any Live Chat facility but you can still submit your issues here.

Garena Live Chat

Garena is an online gaming website that is based in Singapore. However, any Brit can easily access the site as it offers free games for global customers. In 2020, it global customers reached 80 million per day! The Singaporean gaming developer and site offers free games and other games like MOBA, online football, and the like.

You can submit your issues here:

Garena Live Chat

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  1. Adi Szekely

    So i bought a supply drop 2 times cuz i did not recive the pack and it sent me 2 tickets from google play i waited like 4 days and still nothing…

  2. Nirash kalhara

    Dear Sir,
    My account was suspended by your agency a few days ago. I have protected
    your privacy and policies. Please check my account and return it to me.
    Thank you.

  3. Daana Ellis

    I need to enquire about a purchase that was made using my debit card. This payment was made without my permission and I would like to know what user had access to my card information and did this. This matter is of urgency. Please get back to me.

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