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Experian Live Chat

Experian does not have any live chat facility but it does have a live call service that is open for the following hours:

09:00 am to 05:00 pm – Monday to Friday
Unavailable on weekends and other closed holidays

About Experian Live Call Service

Financial services of our times are institutionalized and this institutionalized financial system is fast evolving. Banks and other financial technology companies are making use of recent technological developments and introducing innovative financial solutions for their customers.

Experian is one such Anglo-Irish fintech company that reports consumer credit. It is a multinational credit reporting business that facilitates credit acquisition possible and also minimizes financial drafts. The company offers 1 free credit report annually. In addition to the UK, the company has also business operations in almost 37 countries of the globe. It was established in 1996 and since its establishment; it has served more than 1 billion consumers globally. Its consumers include individuals, small businesses, and big businesses. At present, Experian has more than 5 billion US dollars in revenue. Experian is one of the three big credit reporting companies – the other two are Equifax and TransUnion.

Experian Live Chat

In addition to these financial services, Experian has also an amazing live call service on its website. This live call service enables the customers to contact the helpful and supportive team of the company for resolving any of their queries instantly.

How to Contact Experian Live Call Service

For contacting the support team on their website, visit the homepage of the website and you will find the contact us tab at the bottom of the homepage. Click this tab and you will land on another webpage having several contact options including their phone number i.e., 0800 013 8888.

For initiating a live call, pick up your phone and dial the given number and you will be connected with the professional support team of the company.

For accessing Experian Live Call Service, click on the following link

experian live chat


  1. Hemamalini Mahesh

    I am new to UK. I tried registering in Experian, but the registration is unsuccessful. I need support to create a record for me.

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