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CD Keys Live Chat | Customer Service

CD Keys Live Chat is Open for the Following Hours:

24 hours a day – seven days a week

CD Keys Live Chat

Besides its great gaming services, CD Keys has also an amazing live chat feature on its website. This live chat feature enables the customers to contact the helpful and supportive team of the company for resolving any of their queries instantly.

How to Contact CD Keys Live Chat

For contacting CD Keys Live Chat you have to visit the link provided below.

Once you land on the page, click on the help icon at the bottom left side of the page. This will open a form for you to fill in the basic details about your query. Once you submit the form you will be connected to an agent. Do note that it might take hours for them to respond, depending on their working times and availability.

For accessing CD Keys Live Chat click on the following link.

cdkeys live chat

How do I Contact CD Keys Customer Service?

You can contact the CD Keys Customer service team via live chat and contact form. The live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Contact forms are replied to within a working week. To submit a contact form, follow this link. CD Keys does not offer support by phone.


  1. Noam

    i used my card to buy a fifa 23 ww and was written that its work in my country and i used my card for buy the fifa and then it took me to the site and it was written there that it is illegal in my country.
    i wrote that my name is Noam Mareli can you check if it owes me please?
    can you please guys check?

  2. Mr R E Mason

    Hi my partner has tried to buy a game off your site for her son. According to her account the payment has garn thro but it has not shown up on her sons account I was wandering how do we go about getting a refund for the purchase as we have had to get the game in question via other means.

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