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Brittany Ferries Live Chat

Brittany Ferries Live Chat is Open for the Following Hours:

09:00 – 17:30 (Mon – Fri) and 09:00 – 16:00 (Sat – Sun)

Almost every business whether online or offline strives to serve its consumers most conveniently. But the online businesses must strive hard to feel their customers at home as compared to offline business entities. Brittany Ferries is one of such online businesses that try their best to serve their customers in every possible way.

Brittany Ferries Live Chat

Besides its amazing sailing and Holidays offers, Brittany Ferries also offers an amazing Live Chat functionality. The customer support team of the company is friendly and experienced who can help you with any of your queries and inquiries. Besides, the team will also tell you about booking procedures, touring destinations, fee structures, available promotions and discounts, and much more.

How to Contact Brittany Ferries Live Chat

To access the live chat feature of Brittany Ferries, click on the link provided below and if it is within their working hours (refer to the top of this article), a “live chat” icon will appear and you will be able to initiate a chat with one of their customer service agents. Otherwise, we suggest you contact them through their phone lines: 0330 159 7000

For accessing Brittany Ferries live chat click the following link.

brittany ferries live chat



    There seems to be no customer service. I have tried several times by email and phone to renew my membership and modify a booking, to no avail. As my final balance comes out on Monday and I still need to make a modification, I have sent yet another email explaining that I am unable to modify online, and hope that the changes will be noted and the final balance will take these into consideration. Sad service from a previously efficient company. Do not understand the fact there is no customer service. I was recommended by automatic email to use the livechat, but it does not work

  2. Patricia Parish

    Tried to phone no luck.Just wanted to know if you can add a passenger on my booking.Its so disheartening when nobody can get in touch with you. As a regular customer and just wanting a query answered its very disappointing not to be able to talk to you.

  3. Jan

    Oh dear, Brittany ferries, I was on the phone to you as you opened this morning—-all day, at a cost to me, I have been trying to speak to a person and all I got was music!!
    I have been out of hospital for four days after surgery, this stress isn’t helping.
    I need to change a booking for a later date when I will be strong enough to travel to Normandie.
    I am a club member and have travelled over and over to my French home for thirty years now.

  4. daniel Miners

    I have made at least 35 phone calls to Brittany Ferries over the last two days and every time the line is busy. It is astounding that after these many calls that not one line is free. I note on social media the many complaints regarding the lack of telephones being answered and also the fact that e-mails are totally ignored. It is difficult to be positive about what is happening here. We are longstanding customers of Brittany Ferries having a house in France and we realise that COVID has affected many businesses but the media reports are all saying about how Brittany Ferries communication has spiralled downwards and yet we are still expected to soak up price rises that have occurred over the last three years. We need to get over to France to sign important documents for the house and already have a ticket booked for another date and need to book an alternative date but cannot do this online and even that becomes difficult. Please look at what is happening here. I note that a post was put up recently that the lack of response to phone calls has been addressed but looking at social media i think this is a long way off and no way in fact to treat loyal customers.

  5. Miranda Wilson

    I am not being allowed to use my 2 vouchers which were issued in May 2020. I sent an email yesterday but the reply said there would be up to ten days delay in replying. I am therefore likely to lose my booking. The vouchers were valid for 2 years. Your phone lines do not work. It is completely shocking
    Miranda Wilson

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