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Avon and Somerset Police Live Chat

Notice: This is not the official website of any police force. Please refrain from sharing any personal or sensitive information in the comments. If you wish to contact a specific police force directly or require assistance, please visit their official website for the appropriate channels.

Avon and Somerset Police Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

Avon and Somerset Police does not offer real-time chat with an agent, however, you can submit your queries online using the contact form.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary Police Live Chat

Contact Avon and Somerset Police Live chat is completely secure and is available for citizens to instantly contact the police for inquiries. It is a great service to use if you are hard of hearing or if you are in an environment or situation where you are unable to talk freely on the telephone. The service is available during limited times on weekdays. ** Chat service is no longer available.

The live chat is not for emergency contact, for an emergency please call 999.

If you’re deaf and facing an emergency, you need to register for the 999-text service, to do so, text ‘register‘ from your mobile phone to 999 and follow the instructions.

For non-urgent matters, if you prefer calls, you can dial 101.

To access the Avon and Somerset Police contact page, you can click on the image below

Avon and Somerset Constabulary Police Live Chat