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Ask Imam Live Chat

Ask Imam is a site where anyone can seek information regarding Islam. The site was established in 2000 by a South African Jurist Ebrahim Desai. Any UK citizen or any member of UK Islamic Community can reach the Islamic scholar for guidance in any particular situation.

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Ask Imam Live Chat

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  1. Jawed

    Salam alaikum. So i am passing this big final exam this week (bac) and the subjects are being released before the tests so a lot of people are seeing it and they are getting good grades there for the notes for the Post that i want (a Doctor inchallah ) will raise up and i may or may not get it bcs a lot of people got good grades bcs they knew the answers before the test. it’s like a competition and they are doing that the question is can i do it and “cheat” i just want to know if it is considered as Haram bcs its cheating or its okay bcs its like a competition?

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