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Novacyt is a fast growing and leading international biotechnological company founded in the year 2006. It designs, produces, and sells diagnostic products for laboratory testing. Specially for, microbiology, oncology, hematology, cytology, and serology. Its different testing kits are available for various disease diagnosis and pathogens by different industrial markets. They largely send its products to hospitals and other giant corporates, around the globe. The company has two offices in the United Kingdom and one office in France. It also developed testing for the recent strain of COVID-19, which were approved by the WHO and are now effective. Currently, it also supports UK in national screening program against COVID-19 in a collaboration with well known companies and institutions.

If you would like to buy Novacyt shares and require some extra information about it, you can directly use the share chat and get the best information from other traders.

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Novacyt Share chat

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