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GMP Live Chat

GMP Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

24 hours a day – 7 days a week

GMP Live chat availability is one of the best features that can help people to quickly contact the police department. It’s an easy way to directly contact without calling on the helpline. GMP stands for the Greater Manchester Police, which is in charge of law enforcement within the urban region of Great Manchester, England. It controls an area of 500 square miles within 12 divisions. It is one of the best, 4th largest police forces in the UK and 2nd largest in England. The force has more than 7000 police officers, 300 volunteers, and around 3000 staff members and community support officers.
The Live Chat service is always available on the website run by friendly staff to instantly help the people with inquiries. The people can directly report a crime, accidents, incidents, or any other information.

The Live Chat option is available at the extreme bottom right-hand side of the page when you visit the website. Once you click on the ‘Live Chat’ button, a small new window will open, and you can start a conversation.

To access the GMP Live chat you can click on the image below

GMP Live chat

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  1. Jeffery Howarth

    Going through our cctv after a neighbour alerted us after seeing it on her cctv.There was 3 lads trying doors on our street at 2-30 this morning the 9th Jan.We saw one trying our door.You could not see their faces because they had hoods on and mask.One was wearing light coloured trousers and one of the other ones was carrying a JD bag across his shoulders.It’s alarming because there are a few people that live on this street that are in there 70s and 80s including us.We live on Burder St Hollinwood Oldham.OL8 3SU

  2. Melanie oliver

    Hi. I’ve just seen a youth that lives at 7 Eastway , Flixton produce a telescopic cosh from his ‘ man bag’ he is with another couple of youths. (1 of the other youths was photographed on a Facebook post for putting a rope across the road at the George H Carnell Sports club earlier this week) Its obviously a weapon and I’m concerned as to why he should be having it and particularly hidden in a bag! He is about 15 years old with blond curly hair. He lives at that address.
    I wish to remain anonymous.

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